Delta Air Lines Direct Flights to Cozumel

Delta Air Lines

One of the most profitable and successful commercial airlines in the US, Delta Air Lines has a rich legacy as one of the world’s oldest airlines. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Air Lines operates over 5,000 daily flights across 325 destinations in over 50 countries, spanning 6 continents.

Delta Air Lines boasts innumerable awards and accolades, alongside being ranked first by revenue among commercial airlines. It is the founding member of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance and ranks 113th among the Fortune 500 companies.

Operating 9 hubs in the US, Delta Air Lines is the largest airline in terms of total departures and passengers and the world’s second-largest airline by the number of passengers flown and passenger miles covered.

Delta boasts the world’s second-largest airline fleet, featuring 915 commercial aircraft, including 899 Airbus, 406 Airbus, and 493 Boeing. This airline operates the world’s largest fleets of the Airbus A220, Boeing 757 and Boeing 767, among other air crafts. Delta Air Lines offer direct flights to Cozumel Airport from multiple locations, including Atlanta and Minneapolis.


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Customer Service (United States): +1-800-221-1212

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Delta Air Lines Direct Flights to Cozumel Airport

Departure:Arrival:Flight #:Flight Time:
Atlanta International Airport (ATL)Cozumel Airport (CZM)DL17672 hours 50 mins
Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)Cozumel Airport (CZM)DL18114 hours

Delta Air Lines Direct Flights from Cozumel Airport

Departure:Arrival:Flight #:Flight Time:
Cozumel Airport (CZM)Atlanta International Airport (ATL)DL17662 hours 30 mins
Cozumel Airport (CZM)Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)DL18104 hours 10 mins

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