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Cozumel Airport Taxi Service

Whether you’re visiting Cozumel for the first time or returning for another adventure, skip the hassle of haggling with taxi drivers at the airport by booking your pickup in advance on our trusted platform.

We offer affordable and reliable transfers from airport to Centro, the South of Cozumel, the North of Cozumel, and beyond.

Book now to make sure your pickup is ready and waiting for you at Cozumel Airport when you touch down.

What Can You Expect

Travel Safety: Welcome Pickups at Cozumel Airport have an outstanding safety score of 99 out of 100. Their cars are regularly cleaned and disinfected, and drivers wait 20 minutes between rides to clean and air out the car.

Personalized Service: Once you’ve booked your taxi from Cozumel Airport, you’ll receive a unique webpage. Here, you can explore restaurants, plan activities, and discover things to do in Cozumel. This includes city tours, day trips, and experiences from top-rated providers.

Knowledgeable Drivers: Welcome drivers in Cozumel serve as more than just drivers; they’re locals who know the best spots and are happy to act as tourist guides during the ride.

Affordable: Welcome pickups to and from Cozumel Airport cost approximately the same as regular taxi fares, so you can relax during your journey without worrying about additional fees.

Essential Products: After booking your Cozumel Airport taxi, you’ll have the chance to purchase essential travel items such as SIM cards, Wi-Fi hotspots, local souvenirs, and skip-the-line tickets to popular attractions in Cozumel.

24/7 Customer Support: Welcome Pickups’ dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any adjustments to your booking or questions regarding pickups from Cozumel Airport. Feel free to reach out to them anytime for assistance.

Flexible Cancellation: Welcome allows you to modify or cancel your Cozumel Airport pickup at no additional cost if your plans change.

Flight Monitoring: Welcome Pickups’ drivers keep an eye on flight delays. Your ride will be ready at Cozumel Airport, even if your plane is late. You can relax, knowing you won’t have to wait or worry about missing your pickup.

How To Book?

To reserve your Cozumel Airport pickup, click here. Provide the required information such as your pickup date, destination, and the number of passengers.

At Cozumel Airport, your taxi driver will wait for you outside or nearby since taxis are not permitted to pick up passengers directly from the airport. You will receive an email from Welcome Pickups with the driver’s photo and name.

Your driver will assist with your bags and drive you directly to your destination in Cozumel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a taxi at Cozumel airport?

No, you can’t get a taxi directly from Cozumel Airport. Taxis aren’t allowed to pick up passengers there. You’ll have to walk outside to the main street to find one. This might mean long wait times, especially during late-night or busy times. It’s better to book your taxi online before arriving. You can also rent a car or arrange a private transfer, but you’ll still need to walk to reach them.

2. How much do you tip a taxi driver in Cozumel?

Tipping a taxi driver is common in Cozumel if they help with your bags, give useful advice, or provide exceptional service. In such cases, giving a tip of about 10-20 pesos or rounding up the fare is considered appropriate.

Please remember that the prices from Welcome Pickups at Cozumel Airport don’t include tips. You can tip your driver for exceptional service, but it’s not included in the fare.

3. Is it safe to take a taxi in Cozumel Mexico?

Yes, it’s safe to take a taxi in Cozumel, Mexico. The taxi drivers are friendly and many of them speak English, which can help you feel more comfortable getting around the island. Even if their English is limited, they all know how to reach any destination on the island.

4. How much is a taxi from Cozumel Airport to city?

A taxi from Cozumel Airport to the city costs an average of $39 during the day and $46.80 at night, with a duration of about 5 minutes. If you’re heading to Southern Cozumel, the average fare is $55 during the day and $66 at night, with a journey time of around 18 minutes. Check the exact prices above.

5. Do Cozumel taxis take USD?

Yes, Cozumel taxis accept both Mexican Pesos and USD, but fares in USD are usually higher than those in pesos. It’s better to use the local currency for the best rate. If you book with Welcome Pickups, you can also pay with GooglePay, PayPal, or a credit card.